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Valentine’s Day (2010) 5.7/10

“Happy Valentine’s Day! On holidays like this, I like to watch holiday themed movies. I personally don’t like (actually I hate) romance films, but it is Valentine’s Day and I don’t like to be biased. This film was pretty boring, and felt a bit too long. It was a predictable story, the acting was alright, and the dialogue was pretty cringeworthy. Somehow though, it was charming enough to get me smiling at the end. I have to admit, It was also pretty funny, and I found myself laughing out load at least one or twice. It was just a basic feel good movie, but with some extra charm to it. Something I didn’t like was all of the different stories happening at once, it got pretty confusing. All in all, an average nonsensical, love solves life’s problems feel good movie. But somehow it actually got me to slightly care about the characters. Maybe it was the ironic undertone? I’m not sure.”


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Rise of the Black Bat (2012) 0.7/10
“Absolute garbage. Rise of the Black Bat is a 2012 “action” film about a guy who tells us the story of how he became the superhero known as ‘The Black Bat’. Obviously, as it sounds, this film is a complete ripoff of The Dark Knight. The story was really hard to follow and completely uninteresting. The acting was horrible and the dialogue was even worse. The worst part is that this was apparently based upon a comic book, which was also a rip-off of Batman. Honestly, who ever created this film has probably never seen another human being or other film in their life.”


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Harriet and Herbert’s Day at the Beach (2016/2018) 3.4/10

“There was actually little information on this film that I could find. But, from what I have gathered, this film was made in 2016 or 2018, and created by A.Click Production and distrusted by Green Apple Entertainment. I’m also pretty sure that this film was made as a family project. The animation was pretty bad, the voice acting was lazy, and most of the music was in the public domain. It looks like this film could have been made using iMovie and then uploaded to YouTube. I really don’t think that A.Click Production should have put this on Prime Video. I could genuinely make a better film using iMovie. Don’t know why anyone would actually enjoy this film.”